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Journal articles Li B, 2018, 'The Impacts of Economic Crises on Social Risks and Social Welfare ????????????????????', Social Construction ??????, vol. 5, pp. 12 - 22
Conference Presentations Peng H;Qi L;Wang G;Li B, 2018, 'Research on Chinese Children's Education Welfare Resources, Economic Development and Educational Inequality', presented at China Sociology Association Annual Academic Conference (中国社会学会2018年学术年会), Nanjing, China, 17 - 17 July 2018,
Conference Presentations Li B, 2018, 'Social housing and Economic Development in China', presented at Keynote: 2018 Academic Annual Meeting of the Social Policy Research Committee of the Chinese Society of Social Sciences and International Forum (中国社会学会社会政策研究专业委员会2018年学术年会暨社会政策国际论坛), Shanghai, 24 - 24 June 2018,
Journal articles Purcal C;Fisher KR;Robinson S;Meltzer A;Bevan N, 2018, 'Co-production in peer support group research with disabled people', Area,
Conference Presentations Saunders PG;Naidoo YS, 2018, 'Poverty as relative deprivation: application, analysis and implications for social security', presented at Social Security Reform: Revisiting Henderson and Basic Income, Melbourne, 15 - 16 February 2018
Journal articles van Tienoven T, 2018, 'A multitude of natural, social and individual time', Time and Society, pp. 1 - 24,
Journal articles Saunders P;Bedford M, 2018, 'New minimum healthy living budget standards for low-paid and unemployed Australians', Economic and Labour Relations Review, vol. 29, pp. 273 - 288,
Reports Davy L;Fisher KR;Wehbe A, 2018, Peer Support Practice Review: Final Report of Stage 1A Findings, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,
Reports Purcal C;Giuntoli G;Wehbe A;Fang Q;Kayess R;Fisher K;Johnson K, 2018, Outcome evaluation of icare lifetime care Community Participation Grants, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,
Journal articles Skattebol J;Newell M, 2018, 'Gayby Baby – From the politics of representation to the politics of care', Health Education Journal, vol. 77, pp. 720 - 731,