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Journal articles Meltzer A;Kayess R;Bates S, 2018, 'Perspectives of people with intellectual disability about open, sheltered and social enterprise employment: Implications for expanding employment choice through social enterprises', Social Enterprise Journal, vol. 14, pp. 225 - 244,
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Book Chapters Saunders P, 2018, 'Poverty', in Routledge Handbook of the Welfare State: Second Edition, pp. 58 - 70,
Reports Walsh P;McHugh M;Blunden H;Katz I, 2018, Literature Review: Factors Influencing the Outcomes of Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care, NSW Family and Community Services, Sydney, Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study, Report Number 6
Journal articles Li B, 2018, 'Top-down place-based competition and award: local government incentives for non-GDP improvement in China', JOURNAL OF CHINESE GOVERNANCE, vol. 3, pp. 397 - 418,
Books Howell J;Shang X;Fisher KR, 2018, NGOs and accountability in China: Child welfare organisations,
Book Chapters Robinson D;Raven M;Hunter J, 2018, 'The limits of ABS laws: Why gumbi gumbi and other bush foods and medicines need specific indigenous knowledge protections', in Biodiversity, Genetic Resources and Intellectual Property: Developments in Access and Benefit Sharing, pp. 185 - 207,