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Journal articles Liu Y;Fisher KR, 2017, 'Engaging with Disability Services: Experiences of Families from Chinese Backgrounds in Sydney', Australian Social Work, vol. 70, pp. 441 - 452,
Book Chapters Robinson S;Fisher KR;Hill M;Graham A, 2017, 'Views of young people with cognitive disability about care in their relationships', in Children, Young People and Care, pp. 203 - 217,
Journal articles Lafferty L;Treloar C;van Breda N;Steele M;Hiley S;Flaherty I;Salmon A, 2017, '‘It's Fast, It's Quick, It Stops Me Being Sick’: How to influence preparation of opioid tablets for injection', Drug and Alcohol Review, vol. 36, pp. 651 - 657,
Conference Presentations Meltzer A;Purcal C;Fisher KR, 2017, 'Research findings about the ECI sector’s transition to the NDIS: Insights from two projects', presented at Early Childhood Intervention Australia NSW/ACT 27th State Conference, Sydney, Australia, 25 - 26 May 2017
Journal articles Goldfeld S;Villanueva K;Tanton R;Katz I;Brinkman S;Woolcock G;Giles-Corti B, 2017, 'Kids in Communities Study (KiCS) study protocol: A cross-sectional mixed-methods approach to measuring community-level factors influencing early child development in Australia', BMJ Open, vol. 7,
Other Meltzer A;Robinson S;Proud Y;Fisher K, 2017, Literature and practice review: Support to make decisions that promote personal safety and prevent harm, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,
Book Chapters Durbach A;Edgeworth B;Sentas V, 2017, 'Law and Poverty in Australia Today: A Reassessment', in Durbach A; Edgeworth B; Sentas V (ed.), Law and Poverty in Australia: 40 Years after the Poverty Commission, Federation Press, Sydney, pp. 1 - 11
Reports Cortis N;Blaxland M, 2017, Workforce Issues in Specialist Homelessness Services, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney, 08/17,
Journal articles Smyth C;Craig L, 2017, 'Conforming to intensive parenting ideals: Willingness, reluctance and social context', Families, Relationships and Societies, vol. 6, pp. 107 - 124,
Journal articles Bryant J;Ellard J;Howard J;Treloar C, 2017, 'Young people at risk of transitioning to injecting: what do they know about where to get sterile needles?', Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, vol. 12, pp. 138 - 146,