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Journal articles Grebely J;Bruneau J;Lazarus JV;Dalgard O;Bruggmann P;Treloar C;Hickman M;Hellard M;Roberts T;Crooks L;Midgard H;Larney S;Degenhardt L;Alho H;Byrne J;Dillon JF;Feld JJ;Foster G;Goldberg D;Lloyd AR;Reimer J;Robaeys G;Torrens M;Wright N;Maremmani I;Norton BL;Litwin AH;Dore GJ, 2017, 'Research priorities to achieve universal access to hepatitis C prevention, management and direct-acting antiviral treatment among people who inject drugs', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 47, pp. 51 - 60,
Journal articles Muir K;Salignac F, 2017, 'Can market forces stimulate social change? A case example using the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia', Third Sector Review, vol. 23
Reports Muir K;Moran M;Michaux F;Findlay S;Meltzer A;Mason C;Ramia I;Heaney R, 2017, The opportunities, risks and possibilities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness,
Books Shang X;Fisher K, 2017, Young People Leaving State Care in China, Policy Press, Bristol
Book Chapters Fisher KR;Shang X, 2017, 'Young people moving from rural foster care to cities in China', in Disability and Rurality: Identity, Gender and Belonging, pp. 38 - 52,
Journal articles Hill T;Thomson C, 2017, 'Revising social inclusion to take account of care', International Journal of Care and Caring, vol. 1, pp. 175 - 190,
Reports Perkins A;Meltzer A;Purcal C, 2017, Evaluation of the Supported Decision Making Phase 2 (SDM2) project: Easy read report, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,
Journal articles Grebely J;Bruneau J;Bruggmann P;Harris M;Hickman M;Rhodes T;Treloar C, 2017, 'Elimination of hepatitis C virus infection among PWID: The beginning of a new era of interferon-free DAA therapy', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 47, pp. 26 - 33,
Conference Presentations Hajarizadeh B;Grebely J;Byrne M;Marks P;Amin J;Butler T;Vickerman P;Martin NK;Mchutchison JG;Brainard DM;Treloar C;Lloyd AR;Dore GJ, 2017, 'Incidence of hepatitis C virus infection in two maximum-security prisons in New South Wales, Australia: the SToP-C study', Vol. 66, pp. S274 - S274, presented at International Liver Congress / 52nd Annual Meeting of the European-Association-for-the-Study-of-the-Liver, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS, 19 - 23 April 2017,
Reports Mao L;Holt M;Newman C;Treloar C, 2017, Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour 2017: HIV and STIs in Australia, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,