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Journal articles Newman CE;Gray R;Brener L;Jackson LC;Dillon A;Saunders V;Johnson P;Treloar C, 2017, '"i had a little bit of a bloke meltdown...But the next day, i was up": Understanding cancer experiences among aboriginal men', Cancer Nursing, vol. 40, pp. E1 - E8,
Journal articles Lafferty L;Treloar C;Guthrie J;Chambers GM;Butler T, 2017, 'Social capital strategies to enhance hepatitis C treatment awareness and uptake among men in prison', Journal of Viral Hepatitis, vol. 24, pp. 111 - 116,
Journal articles Lancaster K;Treloar C;Ritter A, 2017, '‘Naloxone works’: The politics of knowledge in ‘evidence-based’ drug policy', Health (United Kingdom), vol. 21, pp. 278 - 294,
Journal articles Raaijmakers A;Jacobs L;Rayyan M;Van Tienoven TP;Ortibus E;Levtchenko E;Staessen JA;Allegaert K, 2017, 'Catch-up growth in the first two years of life in Extremely Low Birth Weight (ELBW) infants is associated with lower body fat in young adolescence', PLoS ONE, vol. 12,
Journal articles Raaijmakers A;Zhang ZY;Claessens J;Cauwenberghs N;Van Tienoven TP;Wei FF;Jacobs L;Levtchenko E;Pauwels S;Kuznetsova T;Allegaert K;Staessen JA, 2017, 'Does extremely low birth weight predispose to low-renin hypertension?', Hypertension, vol. 69, pp. 443 - 449,
Journal articles Wilson H;Brener L;Jackson LC;Saunders V;Johnson P;Treloar C, 2017, 'HCV knowledge among a sample of HCV positive Aboriginal Australians residing in New South Wales', Psychology, Health and Medicine, vol. 22, pp. 625 - 632,
Journal articles Li B;Mayraz G, 2017, 'Infrastructure Spending in China Increases Trust in Local Government', Social Indicators Research, vol. 132, pp. 341 - 356,
Book Chapters Li B, 2017, 'Making housing affordable in an urbanising China', in Zheng Y; Zhao L; Tong S (ed.), China’s Great Urbanization, Routledge, pp. 57 - 77,
Reports Blaxland M;Adamson E, 2017, Comparative Perspectives on Family Day Care: Structure, Regulation, and Research Gaps, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney, 06/17,
Journal articles Smith J;Javanparast S;Craig L, 2017, 'Bringing babies and breasts into workplaces: Support for breastfeeding mothers in workplaces and childcare services at the Australian National University', Breastfeeding Review, vol. 25, pp. 45 - 57