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Books Liang C;Fang L;Li B;Wang J;Shan L, 2018, Co-production as social construction in Haicang, Xiamen City, China ?????????????, Social Sciences Academic Press (China) ???????????, Beijing
Journal articles Vuong T;Ritter A;Shanahan M;Ali R;Nguyen N;Pham K;Vuong TT A;Le GM, 2018, 'Outcomes of compulsory detention compared to community-based voluntary methadone maintenance treatment in Vietnam', Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, vol. 87, pp. 9 - 15,
Journal articles Neale J;Tompkins CN E;Marshall AD;Treloar C;Strang J, 2018, 'Do women with complex alcohol and other drug use histories want women-only residential treatment?', Addiction, vol. 113, pp. 989 - 997,
Journal articles Wang J;Li B, 2018, 'Governance and Finance: Availability of Community and Social Development Infrastructures in Rural China', Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies, vol. 5, pp. 4 - 17,
Journal articles Ritter A;Hughes CE;Lancaster K;Hoppe R, 2018, 'Using the Advocacy Coalition Framework and Multiple Streams policy theories to examine the role of evidence, research and other types of knowledge in drug policy.', Addiction,
Journal articles Ritter A;Lancaster K;Diprose R, 2018, 'Improving drug policy: The potential of broader democratic participation', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 55, pp. 1 - 7,
Journal articles Treloar C;Hopwood M;Cama E;Saunders V;Jackson LC;Walker M;Ooi C;Ubrihien A;Ward J, 2018, 'Evaluation of the Deadly Liver Mob program: Insights for roll-out and scale-up of a pilot program to engage Aboriginal Australians in hepatitis C and sexual health education, screening, and care', Harm Reduction Journal, vol. 15,
Conference Presentations Saunders PG;Naidoo YS, 2018, 'Poverty as relative deprivation: application, analysis and implications for social security', presented at Social Security Reform: Revisiting Henderson and Basic Income, Melbourne, 15 - 16 February 2018
Journal articles Barratt MJ;Bruno R;Ezard N;Ritter A, 2018, 'Pill testing or drug checking in Australia: Acceptability of service design features', Drug and Alcohol Review, vol. 37, pp. 226 - 236,
Journal articles Saunders P, 2018, 'Monitoring and addressing global poverty: A new approach and implications for Australia', Economic and Labour Relations Review, vol. 29, pp. 9 - 23,