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Book Chapters Fisher K;Kayess RJ, 2019, 'Collaborative disability inclusive research and evaluation as a practical justice process', in Aggleton P; Broom A; Moss J (ed.), Practical Justice, Routledge
Reports Purcal C;Zmudzki F;Hill T;Giuntoli G;Fisher K;O’Shea P, 2019, Evaluation Plan Housing & Accommodation Support Initiative Plus (HASI Plus), Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney
Conference Presentations Li B, 2019, 'Digital Economy and Disability Employment in China', presented at WELLBEING AND INEQUALITY IN THE DIGITAL AGE, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, 10 - 11 January 2019,
Reports Hill T;Broady T, 2019, Understanding the social and emotional needs of carers: Final Report, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,
Conference Presentations Shang X;Fisher KR, 2019, 'Everything for the Children: Orphans Growing Up in Informal Adoptive Families in China',
Journal articles Goggin G;Yu H;Fisher KR;Li B, 2019, 'Disability, technology innovation and social development in China and Australia', Journal of Asian Public Policy, vol. 12, pp. 34 - 50,
Journal articles Ritter A;Mellor R;Chalmers J;Sunderland M;Lancaster K, 2019, 'Key Considerations in Planning for Substance Use Treatment: Estimating Treatment Need and Demand', Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs. Supplement, pp. 22 - 30
Journal articles Ritter A;Chalmers J;Gomez M, 2019, 'Measuring Unmet Demand for Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment: The Application of an Australian Population-Based Planning Model', Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs. Supplement, pp. 42 - 50
Books Kayess RJ;Goggin G;Thill C, 2019, Listening to Disability: Voices of Democracy [Forthcoming], Interdisciplinary Disability Studies, Routlege
Reports Poredos S;Davy L;Purcal C;Santos D, 2019, Implementation of the NDIS in the Early Childhood Sector - Easy Read Report