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Book Chapters Brennan D; Adamson EA, 2017, 'Early Education and Child Care Policy in Australia', in Grace R; Hodge K; McMahon C (ed.), Children, families and communities, edn. 5, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, pp. 318 - 336
Reports Griffiths A; Nethery D; Robinson S; Bates S; Kidd E; Kayess R, 2017, My Choice Matters Evaluation - Stage 4 and Final Report, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney, SPRC Report 05/17,
Journal articles Adamson EA; Cortis N; Brennan D; Charlesworth S, 2017, 'Social care and migration policy in Australia: Emerging intersections?', Australian Journal of Social Issues, vol. 52
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Journal articles Rance J; Treloar C; Fraser S; Bryant J; Rhodes T, 2017, '“Don't think I'm going to leave you over it”: Accounts of changing hepatitis C status among couples who inject drugs', Drug and Alcohol Dependence, vol. 173, pp. 78 - 84,
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Reports Jones AR; Purcal C; valentine K; Aadam B, 2017, Partners in Recovery Evaluation: Final report, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney, 20/16,
Recorded / Rendered Creative Works Meltzer A, 2017, Words Matter: Why what we say about care matters for young adult sibling relationships, Clickability Blog,
Journal articles Cortis N, 2017, 'Access to Philanthropic and Commercial Income Among Nonprofit Community Service Organisations', Voluntas, vol. 28, pp. 798 - 821,