We Can't Afford Not To: Supporting young people within their families and communities from early adolescence to early adulthood

Project Status: Archive
People Involved: Ariella Meltzer, Lyn Craig
Research Areas: Families & Communities
Funding Agency: Australian Research Council
Non-Staff Involved: Dr Abigail Powell

One in five young people are disengaged from full-time school or work. They are at risk of social isolation, community disconnection and mental health problems. We know the problem, but we do not know how to address it. This project, which is supported by the ARC, the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and the Foundation for Young Australians, will find out from young people themselves in real time and in real context how we can best support them within their families and communities to remain fully engaged economically and socially. It will follow young people and their families for three consecutive years. Research findings will improve the way we as a society support young people to be active contributors as they move from early adolescence to early adulthood. It will connect kitchen, community and policy tables to address this complex problem.