Throughcare Evaluation

Project Status: Current
People Involved: Fredrick Zmudzki, Eileen Baldry
Research Areas: Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation
Funding Agency: ACT Corrective Services
Non-Staff Involved: Andrew Griffiths (formerly SPRC)
Partners / Collaborators: Époque Consulting

The Extended Throughcare Program aims to support the successful reintegration of offenders in the ACT returning to the community at the end of their custodial sentence. The Social Policy Research Centre, in partnership with Époque Consulting, undertook a mixed-method evaluation of Extended Throughcare that involved the collection of administrative client data, financial data, and qualitative interview data. The objective of the evaluation was to determine the impact of the Program on clients, including on the risk of re-offending, community integration, social and health outcomes, as well as analysing the financial costs and benefits of the program.


Evaluation of ACT Extended Throughcare Pilot Program (Summary of findings) (PDF) [116 Kb]

Evaluation of ACT Extended Throughcare Pilot Program (Final report) (PDF) [1 Mb]

Evaluation of Extended Throughcare Pilot Program (Evaluation plan) (PDF) [3 Mb]

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