Service and Support Requirements for People with Younger Onset Dementia and their Families

Project Status: Archive
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Ariella Meltzer
Research Areas: Disability
Funding Agency: Alzheimer's Australia NSW

This research, commissioned by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW (AlzNSW), investigates service and support requirements for people with younger onset dementia (YOD) and their families and carers, with the aim of identifying appropriate service models for achieving greater effectiveness and efficiency in the service system. The project consists of three components: a literature review of national and international literature and current programs; qualitative data collection – roundtables and interviews with i) people with YOD, ii) their families and carers, and iii) service providers and professionals; and quantitative data collection – a survey of people with YOD and their families and carers.


Brown, J A, Sait, K, Meltzer, A, Fisher, K R, Thompson, D., and Faine, R., (2012). 'Service and Support Requirements of People with Younger Onset Dementia and their Families (PDF) [3 Mb]', prepared for NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care. (PDF) [3 Mb]