Meeting the needs of marginalised Muslim and migrant families

Project Status: Archive
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Sandra Gendera
Research Areas: Families & Communities
Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Non-Staff Involved: Rogelia Pe-Pua (School of Social Sciences and International Studies, UNSW), Denise Thompson

The research project aims to study the factors that influence intra-family relations and affect Muslim families’ full and active participation in Australian society. The research is looking into factors promoting resilience within Muslim families and their positive engagement in Australian society. The project also clarifies how families seek help from formal and informal sources. The research focuses on Muslim families from diverse ethnic backgrounds (Lebanese and other Middle Eastern backgrounds, Turkish, Indonesian, Sudanese, Anglo-Celtic, etc), and also recognises other dimensions of diversity such as age group, gender, geographical location, urban/metropolitan versus rural/regional, and refugee status.