Integrated Services Project: Evaluation of cost and operational effectiveness

Project Status: Archive
People Involved: Karen Fisher
Research Areas: Disability
Funding Agency: NSW Human Services - Ageing, Disability & Home Care (ADHC)
Non-Staff Involved: Edwina Pickering (Disability Studies and Research Centre); Shannon McDermott, Jasmine Bruce, Ryan Gleeson (formerly Social Policy Research Centre)

The Integrated Services Project (ISP) for Clients with Challenging Behaviour provides an interagency service response that delivers cost effective assessment, intervention and support to people 18 years and older who exhibit challenging behaviours. This evaluation assessed the cost and operational effectiveness of the Project in terms of the impact on clients and others, service system capacity and effective governance.


Evaluation of the Integrated Services Project for People with Challenging Behaviour (Final Report) (PDF) [678 Kb]

Integrated Services Project Evaluation (Mid-term Report) (PDF) [509 Kb] 

Integrated Services Project Evaluation Plan (PDF) [263 Kb]

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