Integrated Rehabilitation and Recovery Care Program Evaluation

Project Status: Archive
People Involved: Karen Fisher
Research Areas: Disability; Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation
Funding Agency: Victoria Human Services
Non-Staff Involved: Heather Gridley and Jenny Sharples, (Victoria University)

The research evaluates the Integrated Rehabilitation and Recovery Care Program (IRRCP). The program is targeted at consumers in Secure Extended Care Units and Continuing Care Units, who need a higher level of combined clinical and community treatment and support than is usually available if they are to be reintegrated into the community. IRRCP aims to improve consumer outcomes through: provision of more targeted and time limited, high level psychosocial rehabilitation and clinical support; facilitating access to appropriate housing or other accommodation options; increasing opportunities to participate in community activities such as recreation, education, vocational training and employment. The evaluation includes process, outcomes and economic measures. Methods include a literature review; longitudinal data collection through administrative data, key performance indicators, interviews and questionnaires; and economic analysis.


Abelló, D., Fisher, K.R. and Sitek, T. (2010), Integrated Rehabilitation and Recovery Care Program Final Evaluation Report, SPRC Report 2/10, for Department of Human Services Victoria.