Family Agency and Capacity among Families with Children with a Disability

Project Status: Archive
People Involved: kylie valentine, Megan Blaxland
Research Areas: Disability
Funding Agency: Mid Coast Communities
Non-Staff Involved: Pooja Sawrikar (formerly SPRC)

Mid Coast Communities (MCC) is an NGO that aims to build strong communities. MCC approached SPRC to help develop their research capacity by assisting in a project that aims to increase family agency and empowerment in families where a child has a disability. There were four phases to the project: ethics; literature review; qualitative interviews and/or focus groups; and data analysis and report writing. SPRC provided advice, training and support throughout the evaluation, and worked closely with MCC to review the effectiveness of the project.


Co-design and Family Agency Capacity Research Project (Final report) (PDF) [1 Mb]