Evaluation of the Early Intervention Program 2004-2009

Project Status: Archive
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Christiane Purcal, Fiona Hilferty, Marilyn McHugh, Megan Bedford, BJ Newton
Research Areas: Families & Communities; Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation
Funding Agency: NSW Human Services - Community Services
Non-Staff Involved: Jane Hall, Kees van Gool, Marion Haas Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation; June Wangmann, Christine Johnston, Christine Woodrow University of Western Sydney; Judy Atkinson, Gnibi College, Southern Cross University Christine Eastman

The NSW Department of Community Services commissioned a Consortium, led by SPRC to design and implement the evaluation of their early intervention program, Brighter Futures. The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the effectiveness of the program in achieving its stated objectives and assess whether it represents a good investment of public funds. The evaluation will identify the characteristics and process of successful early intervention approaches that provide significant benefits to children and their families. It will model the long term impact of Brighter Futures in terms of its estimated costs and benefits. The evaluation includes formative and summative evaluation techniques which comprise a state-wide results evaluation that examines the outcomes of participant families; a process evaluation that examines program implementation; an intensive research studies that examines participant outcomes more closely; and an economic evaluation that provides a cost-benefit and cost effectiveness analysis.