Adoption from Out-of-Home Care

Project Status: Current
People Involved: kylie valentine, Ilan Katz, BJ Newton
Research Areas: Care; Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation; Families & Communities
Funding Agency: NSW Family and Community Services

Children who cannot live with their parents live in out-of-home care (OOHC); in Australia this is almost always in the home of foster or kinship carers. In many jurisdictions carers adopt children in their care but recently this has been rare in Australia. Current policy aims are to increase the number of children adopted from OOHC, and if this happens, the practice will be ‘open adoption’, where children maintain some contact with their birth parents. Very little research has been conducted on open adoption in Australia, and on the experiences of families affected by adoption from OOHC.

This project is a retrospective study examining adoption for children from OOHC in NSW. It will examine the experiences and outcomes of young people who have been adopted from OOHC, and the experiences of birth parents during the OOHC adoption process.