Adolescents and Young Adults’ Use of Emergency Departments

Project Status: Archive
People Involved: Ilan Katz
Research Areas: Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation
Funding Agency: The Sax Institute
Non-Staff Involved: Bridget Jenkins

This Evidence Check will be used to inform policy and practice related to adolescents and young adults' (AYAs) use of emergency departments (EDs). Specifically, it will contribute to policy development and research which aim to improve responses to the health care needs of AYAs and reduce the burden on EDs both in terms of avoidable presentations and in better managing AYA presentations.

The aims of this research are to:

  • Determine the reasons why AYAs attend EDs and whether some of these presentations could be more appropriately managed by other health services 
  • Identify the impact on health professionals of working with AYAs in EDs
  • Identify strategies/interventions which have been successful in reducing the impact of AYA presentations in EDs and in improving health outcomes for AYAs presenting to EDs. 

The audience for the review will be senior policy makers in NSW Kids and Families, Senior Health Managers and researchers undertaking research around the topic of AYAs and ED use.