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The Deprivation Approach to Poverty: Analysis and Implementation Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Discovery Program
People Involved: Peter Saunders, Melissa Wong, Megan Bedford, Yuvisthi Naidoo

Australia lags behind other countries in relying solely on income to identify and measure poverty. In contrast, the deprivation approach adopts a broader living standards perspective which identifies poverty as an inability to afford basic necessities and develops measures that embody community…

The Kids in Communities Study: National investigation of community level effects on children's developmental outcomes Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Anna Jones

The Kids in Communities Study (a cross-disciplinary collaboration) will investigate community level factors influencing early childhood developmental outcomes using a mixed methods approach in up to 10 communities across Australia. This will result in a potential set of measures or indicators that…

The PATRICIA Project Current

Funding Agency: Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS)
People Involved: Ilan Katz

Pathways And Research In Collaborative Inter-Agency Working

This two-year project, led by Professor Cathy Humpries and Marie Connolly from Melbourne University, will focus on the relationship between statutory child protection, family law, and community-based services, gathering and analysing…

The politics of services subcontracting to NGOs in China Current

Funding Agency: ESRC (Economic & Social Research Council)
People Involved: Xiaoyuan Shang, Karen Fisher

The project will investigate how, why and with what consequences, the Chinese government formally procures welfare services from NGOs. The 2012 Ministry of Civil Affairs’ amendment to the restrictive regulatory framework made it easier for NGOs to register, and the government sought to…

Throughcare Evaluation Current

Funding Agency: ACT Corrective Services
People Involved: Fredrick Zmudzki, Eileen Baldry

The Extended Throughcare Program aims to support the successful reintegration of offenders in the ACT returning to the community at the end of their custodial sentence. The Social Policy Research Centre, in partnership with Époque Consulting, undertook a mixed-method evaluation of…

Transition to Retirement from Supported Employment Current

Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Social Services
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Gianfranco Giuntoli, Anna Jones, Kelley Johnson, Rosemary Kayess

The Social Policy Research Centre was commissioned to examine the long-term quality of life outcomes of employees in supported employment (in Australian Disability Enterprise) who were planning to retire or had retired. In particular, the research examined the Transition to Retirement initiative…

Women’s Economic Security following Domestic and Family Violence Current

Funding Agency: Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS)
People Involved: Natasha Cortis, Trish Hill

This project is building new evidence about the economic dimensions of domestic and family violence, including women’s economic circumstances and financial needs following experience of violence, and the impact of income support, employment services, and financial support systems in building…

Workforce Issues in the NSW Community Services Sector Current

Funding Agency: NSW Council of Social Service, Homelessness NSW
People Involved: Natasha Cortis, Megan Blaxland

This research aimed to develop a contemporary understanding of workforce models and issues in the NSW community services sector. Survey data was collected in February 2017 from leaders of 398 community service organisations operating in NSW. The survey captured information from community sector…

Young People and Adversity: Stories of resourcing and resourcefulness Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Jennifer Skattebol, kylie valentine, Myra Hamilton, Deborah Brennan, Catherine Thomson, Megan Blaxland

Despite recent investments in youth services, many young people with complex needs still struggle to secure the resources they need. Understanding how to better resource these young people is essential if we are to improve their wellbeing and outcomes. Drawing on the life stories of disadvantaged…

Young People with Cognitive Disability: Relationships and paid support Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Kelley Johnson, Sandra Gendera

Related project: Mutuality in Support Relationships

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a watershed in Australian disability policy. Understanding the role that paid support plays in the ongoing identity development of young people with cognitive disability is…