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Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Themes from private sessions Current

Funding Agency: Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Gianfranco Giuntoli, Anna Jones, BJ Newton

Private sessions conducted by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse provide the opportunity for a person who may have suffered abuse, or someone who was aware of the abuse of another, to share their experience of child sexual abuse in an institutional context.…

SA Health Crisis Respite Evaluation Current

Funding Agency: South Australia Health
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Rosemary Kayess, Fredrick Zmudzki

The South Australian Government has commissioned SPRC, in partnership with Époque Consulting, to evaluate the Crisis Respite Services. Under this mental health program, mental health services and non-government organisations provide recovery orientated sub-acute crisis respite services to…

Skilled to thrive: Safeguarding support action Current

Funding Agency: NSW Council of Social Service
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Christiane Purcal, Ariella Meltzer, Sandra Gendera, Rosemary Kayess

Current changes in disability policy, such as the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), entail a move away from substitute decision making for the person with disability to supported decision making by the person themselves, with appropriate safeguard supports to reduce…

Social Impact Longitudinal Study Current

Funding Agency: St George Community Housing (SGCH)
People Involved: Deborah Brennan, Jennifer Skattebol, BJ Newton, Megan Bedford

St George Community Housing (SGCH) offers bursaries and scholarships to support tenants and household members to improve their personal circumstances through education. The aim of this three year longitudinal study is to provide insights into the scholarship program and to identify its impacts on…

Social Support for Chinese Families with Children with Disability Current

Funding Agency: UNSW Sydney
People Involved: Qian Fang, Karen Fisher

This project aims to understand the social support experiences of Chinese families with children with disability in Sydney, Beijing, and New York City. The project conducts interviews with Chinese parents about their expectations, experiences and reflections on seeking, receiving and organising…

State of the Community Sector in the ACT Current

Funding Agency: ACT Council of Social Service
People Involved: Natasha Cortis, Megan Blaxland

The Social Policy Research Centre worked with the Australian Capital Territory Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) to survey community service organisations operating in the ACT. The aim was to improve knowledge of the sector’s organisational, workforce and financial characteristics, and…

Streamlining Services for Children Aged 0-4 Years in Victoria Current

Funding Agency: Parenting Research Centre
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Ariella Meltzer

This project is evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the current service system to inform a trial of multi-agency collaboration and streamlined service delivery for vulnerable children aged 0-4 years and their families in Victoria.

Supported Decision Making Project (Phase 2) Current

Funding Agency: NSW Trustee and Guardian
People Involved: Kelley Johnson, Rosemary Kayess, Christiane Purcal

The Supported Decision Making Phase 2 project (SDM2) aimed to improve financial decision making support for people with cognitive impairment, so that people can take a more active part in decisions about their lives. This project was run by the NSW Trustee and Guardian and other government…

Telling Your Story Current

Funding Agency: National Disability Service
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Kelley Johnson

Telling Your Story is an evaluation of the Community Inclusion Initiative. 11 projects across Australia are running, where people with disability and their families are co-designing innovative ways to build community inclusion in partnership with the disability support services they already use.…

The CREATE Ability Project (TAP2) Evaluation Current

Funding Agency: NSW Department of Family & Community Services
People Involved: Karen Fisher

The CREATE Ability Project (TAP) aims to promote supported decision making for young people with disability in or leaving the care of the Minister through participation in workshops and camps which are underpinned by education grounded in human rights principles. This evaluation aims to capture…