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Workforce Indicators for Ageing, Disability and Home Care Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Family and Community Services - Ageing, Disability & Home Care (ADHC)
People Involved: Fiona Hilferty, Natasha Cortis

This project informs the development of a minimum data set (MDS) of workforce indicators which will facilitate the collection of regular, consistent and core information that will:

    fill identified gaps in NGO workforce data: facilitate accurate and ongoing profiling of workforce composition,…
Workforce Issues in the NSW Community Services Sector Current

Funding Agency: NSW Council of Social Service, Homelessness NSW
People Involved: Natasha Cortis, Megan Blaxland

This research aimed to develop a contemporary understanding of workforce models and issues in the NSW community services sector. Survey data was collected in February 2017 from leaders of 398 community service organisations operating in NSW. The survey captured information from community sector…

Workforce implications of consumer-centred funding in disability and community aged-care Archive

Funding Agency: United Voice, Australian Services Union, Health and Community Services Union
People Involved: Natasha Cortis

This project entailed compiling evidence about the implications of consumer-centred funding models for the disability and community aged care workforce. Drawing lessons from overseas and relevant Australian programs, the project  explored the workforce issues and employment risks inherent in…

Working with families with complex needs – best practice background paper Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

A short consultancy for the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet.  It involved examining the evidence for interventions and strategies to support complex (multi-problem) families and break the cycle of disadvantage.

Project team: Professor Ilan Katz and Megan Griffiths.

Young Carers: Social policy implications Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Bettina Cass, Deborah Brennan, Ilan Katz, Catherine Thomson, Elizabeth Adamson, Trish Hill, Christiane Purcal

This project analysed three interconnected aspects of young carers’ life circumstances:

(i) the costs incurred by young carers in relation to education, training, labour force participation and access to market income; social and friendship activities; and health and well-being

(ii) the pri…

Young People and Adversity: Stories of resourcing and resourcefulness Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Jennifer Skattebol, kylie valentine, Myra Hamilton, Deborah Brennan, Catherine Thomson, Megan Blaxland

Despite recent investments in youth services, many young people with complex needs still struggle to secure the resources they need. Understanding how to better resource these young people is essential if we are to improve their wellbeing and outcomes. Drawing on the life stories of disadvantaged…

Young People with Cognitive Disability: Relationships and paid support Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Kelley Johnson, Sandra Gendera

Related project: Mutuality in Support Relationships

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a watershed in Australian disability policy. Understanding the role that paid support plays in the ongoing identity development of young people with cognitive disability is…

Youth Advocate Program Evaluation Current

Funding Agency: Life Without Barriers
People Involved: Jennifer Skattebol, Hazel Blunden

The Youth Advocate Program (YAP) is a unique person-centred program, provided by Life Without Barriers (LWB), which aims to achieve successful transition to independent, supported living or to birth family for vulnerable and at-risk young people. The approach connects the young person leaving out…

Youth Unemployment in Australia Archive

Funding Agency: Citi Foundation
People Involved: Jennifer Skattebol, Trish Hill

Research project exploring the high rate of youth unemployment in Australia (particularly in low socio-economic communities) and specifically looking at transition from school to work or further education. Examines the employability of young people, identifying skills gaps and ‘best…

Youth exposure to and management of cyberbullying incidents in Australia Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Communications
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Melissa Wong

The Australian Government Department of Communications commissioned the UNSW Social Policy Research Centre, the University of South Australia, the University of Western Sydney, the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, and the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre to research…