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The state of children and young people in NSW Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Commission for Children and Young people
People Involved: Sandra Gendera, Elizabeth Adamson

The NSW Commission for Children and Young People is required to provide statistics on the health, welfare and wellbeing of NSW children and young people according to Section 11 of the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998.The objective of this research is therefore to produce chapters…

The time costs of children Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Office of the Status of Women
People Involved: Lyn Craig

The project explored the impact of children on the total paid and unpaid workload of families, and gender differences in the allocation of that time. The latter issue is one of profound significance in the lives of women, who continue to shoulder the major burden of domestic…

Therapeutic foster care Archive

Funding Agency: Association of Children's Welfare Agencies
People Involved: Marilyn McHugh

The aim of the project is to define therapeutic foster care (TFC) in the overall context of out-of-home care placements and to:

    provide a brief background and context of its development and use in the various Australian jurisdictions map the differences between TFC and therapeutic residential…
Throughcare Evaluation Current

Funding Agency: ACT Corrective Services
People Involved: Fredrick Zmudzki, Eileen Baldry

The Extended Throughcare Program aims to support the successful reintegration of offenders in the ACT returning to the community at the end of their custodial sentence. The Social Policy Research Centre, in partnership with Époque Consulting, undertook a mixed-method evaluation of…

Time Out House Initiative in Queensland Archive

Funding Agency: Queensland Alliance for Mental Health
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Sandra Gendera

The evaluation of the outcomes, process and cost effectiveness of the Time Out House Initiative (TOHI) in Queensland is to inform future service development. The program aims to provide early intervention in a short term (up to three weeks) safe and youth-friendly residential program and three…

Time for caring: determinants of informal care and time use data Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council
People Involved: Catherine Thomson

The care of disabled and elderly people depends predominantly on informal carers in the community. However, little is known about what influences the demand and supply of caregiving. The project used an untapped data source on time-use patterns to study the determinants of the nature and intensity…

Time for kids: the effect of non-parental care on parent's time spent in childcare Archive

Funding Agency: MacArthur Foundation

We know that families in the advanced industrial countries organise childcare very differently than they have in the past: fertility levels have declined and levels of maternal employment outside the home have increased. Many parents rely heavily on a variety of non-parental childcare services…

Transition of Respite to Consumer Directed Care: Costs, benefits and impacts Archive

Funding Agency: National Respite Association
People Involved: Kelley Johnson, Karen Fisher, Gianfranco Giuntoli, Rosemary Kayess

This research examined the costs, benefits and impacts for participants, carers, communities and government of the transition to consumer directed care (CDC) markets for respite outputs and outcomes. Drawing on a policy and literature review, stakeholder consultations, and cost/benefit and impact…

Transition of Young People with Disability from Institutional Care in China Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Xiaoyuan Shang, Karen Fisher

This study is the first international collaboration about the transition to adulthood of young people with disabilities from state care in China. It tests whether socioeconomic outcomes are different for young people who had foster care compared to institutional care. It applies a social inclusion…

Transition to Retirement from Supported Employment Current

Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Social Services
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Gianfranco Giuntoli, Anna Jones, Kelley Johnson, Rosemary Kayess

The Social Policy Research Centre was commissioned to examine the long-term quality of life outcomes of employees in supported employment (in Australian Disability Enterprise) who were planning to retire or had retired. In particular, the research examined the Transition to Retirement initiative…