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Accountability and User Participation in Chinese Child Welfare Non-Government Organisations Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Xiaoyuan Shang, Karen Fisher

Millions of children now rely on support from Chinese child welfare nongovernment organisations. The government is reforming NGO policy in response to public demands about service quality, but it lacks relevant research. The established team of Chinese social policy researchers at UNSW, London…

Background Paper on Urbanization, Migration, Climate Change and Children in China Current

Funding Agency: UNICEF China
People Involved: Bingqin Li, Megan Blaxland, Karen Fisher, Peter Saunders

UNICEF China has commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre to produce a background paper that examines child rights in China in the context of migration, urbanisation and climate change.

Building China's Welfare State - Government Purchased Services for Children Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Xiaoyuan Shang, Karen Fisher, Natasha Cortis

The Chinese government has begun to purchase child welfare services to address vast unmet need. This project will improve outcomes for millions of Chinese children by establishing ways China can avoid the quality and accountability problems of 30 years of welfare service purchasing by governments…

Culturally Appropriate Disability Support with Chinese Clients in Sydney Current

Funding Agency: UNSW Sydney
People Involved: Qian Fang, Karen Fisher, Bingqin Li

The action research project is about how disability support organisations provide culturally responsive supports to enhance the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) experience of Australian Chinese people with disability, their families, and communities in Sydney. The project involves…

Developing an effective system of child protection In China Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Xiaoyuan Shang

The purpose of the study is to explore the extent, nature and causes of abuse, exploitation, violence and neglect facing children in China. The research is examining the functioning of the existing child protection system, and the extent to which it provides an adequate response to…

Disability employment and digital economies Current

Funding Agency: UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Bingqin Li

This collaborative research analyses the opportunities of social economy and digital technologies for facilitating social participation of people with disabilities in Australia and China. It examines networked strategies to address issues of social inclusion and exclusion. Based on current case…

Disability employment and the Fourth Industrial Revolution Current

Funding Agency: Disability Innovation Institute UNSW
People Involved: Bingqin Li, Karen Fisher, Zhiming Cheng

This project is a comparative analysis of labour market exclusion of people with disability in Australia and China. The research question is, What prevents people with disability in Australia and China from gaining employment in the digital age? It is background research to test the hypothesis…

Experiences of families with children with disabilities in China Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Xiaoyuan Shang

Family experiences of child disability in China have not been researched inside or outside China. This study applied a child-based human rights framework in four domains (care and protection, economic security, development and participation) to investigate families’ experiences of the…

Growing old in a rapidly changing world - aged in China Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Peter Saunders, Xiaoyuan Shang

The project is building on earlier ARC-funded research and the important research partnership that has been developed with the China Research Centre on Ageing (CRCA) to investigate how the aged are faring in terms of their economic status (as measured by income and access to resources), their…

Protecting Sexually Abused Children in China Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council, Beijing Children's Legal Aid & Research Center
People Involved: Xiaoyuan Shang, Ilan Katz

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a worldwide public health problem. The aim of this project is to better understand how the Chinese state and civil society act to prevent, respond and provide support to the victims of CSA. Findings will underpin the development of a more effective system.