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1800RESPECT Current

Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Social Services
People Involved: kylie valentine, Jan Breckenridge, Natasha Cortis, Ciara Smyth, Gianfranco Giuntoli, Elena Cama

The Australian Government Department of Social Services has commissioned a research team from the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) and the Gendered Violence Research Network at UNSW Sydney to undertake an evaluation of 1800RESPECT, the national online and telephone counselling service for…

Accountability and User Participation in Chinese Child Welfare Non-Government Organisations Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Xiaoyuan Shang, Karen Fisher

Millions of children now rely on support from Chinese child welfare nongovernment organisations. The government is reforming NGO policy in response to public demands about service quality, but it lacks relevant research. The established team of Chinese social policy researchers at UNSW, London…

Adoption from Out-of-Home Care Current

Funding Agency: NSW Family and Community Services
People Involved: kylie valentine, Ilan Katz, BJ Newton

Children who cannot live with their parents live in out-of-home care (OOHC); in Australia this is almost always in the home of foster or kinship carers. In many jurisdictions carers adopt children in their care but recently this has been rare in Australia. Current policy aims are to increase the…

Advance statements in mental health care Current

Funding Agency: Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District
People Involved: Gianfranco Giuntoli, Karen Fisher, Sandra Gendera, Ilan Katz

Development and introduction in the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD)

This project aims to ensure that people who live in the NBMLHD and who experience mental illness and mental distress have the opportunity to develop their own Advance Statement, which is a tool to support…

Analysis of Information about Australia's Charitable Sector Current

Funding Agency: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)
People Involved: Natasha Cortis

The Social Policy Research Centre worked with the Centre for Social Impact (UNSW) to analyse data collected by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). This provided a profile of Australia's charitable sector, building understanding of trends in charities' activities,…

Child Protection Education Current

Funding Agency: NSW Department of Education
People Involved: Ilan Katz, Ciara Smyth

This project involves a literature review and stakeholder consultation on child protection and respectful relationships education and best practice in school settings, to be conducted between November 2015 and March 2016.


Child Protection and Respectful Relationships Education and…

Deprivation and Exclusion among Young People (DEYP) Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council - Linkage Program
People Involved: Peter Saunders, Megan Bedford, Elizabeth Adamson, Melissa Wong

This project aims to better understand the different ways that young people experience poverty and other forms of social disadvantage. Its focus is on finding out more about how young people in NSW between the ages of 12 and 16 (in school years 7-10) perceive and experience material deprivation…

Early Review of Specialist Homelessness Services Program Current

Funding Agency: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute
People Involved: kylie valentine, Fredrick Zmudzki, Ciara Smyth

This research investigated the reform to the NSW Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) Program. The NSW Department of Family and Community Services commissioned AHURI and SPRC to conduct an Early Review of the reform, known as Going Home Staying Home (GHSH). The Early Review is the first…

Evaluation of Community Living Supports and the Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health
People Involved: Karen Fisher, Christiane Purcal, Trish Hill, Gianfranco Giuntoli, Fredrick Zmudzki, Leanne Dowse

The Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) evaluates two key mental health programs funded by the NSW Ministry of Health: the Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) and Community Living Supports (CLS).

HASI had been running since 2002-2003, while CLS is a recently tendered enhancement…

Evaluation of Home Detention in South Australia Current
People Involved: Jesse Cale, Fiona Hilferty, Lise Lafferty, Fredrick Zmudzki, kylie valentine

In response to an increase in prisoner population, the South Australian government introduced legislation in February and September 2016 to expand the use of home detention, and funded the implementation of a support service for those subject to home detention. Home detention is a corrective…