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RECRUITING NOW: People who have overcome alcohol problems by themselves (18+ years)

This project aims to understand the ways in which people manage their alcohol problems without going to treatment. The stories of people who overcome their alcohol habit by themselves, are often not talked about amongst researchers and treatment providers. By talking to people who have overcome their alcohol dependency, addiction, or habit by themselves, we hope to develop new understandings of how to treat people with alcohol problems.

We want to talk to people aged 18 and over, who have overcome an alcohol dependency, addiction, or habit by themselves.

How to get involved:

Uniquely styled interviews are currently being run. These interviews involve you and the researcher developing an auto-biographical account of your life, with you drawing out the ups and downs of your life, and detailed pictures representing important moments in your life.

If you are keen to be involved, please contact Richard Mellor on +612 9385 5797 or

Who is doing the Research?

This is a PhD study being completed by Richard Mellor through the University of New South Wales.


This project has ethics approval from the Human Research Ethics Committees of University of New South Wales.