Information for Parents & Guardians

If you are reading this information, you are likely a parent or guardian of a student at a NSW secondary public school who has agreed to participate in a study about What Young People Need. You should have received this information as a hard copy from your child’s school. If you received the information and need another copy of the Withdrawal Form, please download it here (PDF) [44 Kb].

Please feel free to read through other information about the study provided on this webpage.

What is the research study about?

Your child is being invited to take part in a research study about the types of items and activities that all young people should have. It will be based on what young people think is important for having a normal kind of life. They are invited to participate because they are a student in Years 7 through 10 at a NSW public school that has agreed to participate in our research project.

Who is doing the research?

The study is being done by researchers at UNSW Australia. The New South Wales Department of Education, The Smith Family and the Advocate for Children and Young People are partners on the project.

What does participation involve?

Your child will be asked to complete a questionnaire in class time that will take 25-30 minutes. The questionnaire asks about the types of items and activities they think are necessary to for all young people to have. It will also ask young people about their overall well-being and life satisfaction, including asking about some basic information about themselves, their family and their friends and social networks.

What will happen to the information my child tells you?

The final report will be sent to all participating schools and partner organisations. The results will also be discussed in a workshop at the end of the study that will bring together leading researchers, policy makers, and young people themselves. We will not collect your child’s name so all information they provide is anonymous. Your child and their school will not be able to be identified in any reporting of results. Your child will be asked to place their answers in a sealed envelope before being handed to teachers for collection.

What are the possible benefits to participation?

The information we get from this research will provide better indicators of what young people in Australia want and have. We hope to use information we get from this research study to benefit the development of social and economic policies to support young people in school and the broader social system.

How and when will I find out what the results of the research study are?

At the end of the study, a summary report will be available from the project website.

Does my child have to take part in this research study?

Your child’s participation in this research study is voluntary. This Parent/Guardian Information Statement tells you about the research study. Your decision about your child’s participation will not affect your relationship with New South Wales Department of Education, UNSW Australia, or The Smith Family.

What if my child does not want to participate in this study?

It is up to your child whether or not they want to participate. Your child can choose on the day of the survey whether they want to complete the questionnaire. They can change their mind up until the time they hand in the questionnaire to their teacher.

What do I do now?

If you are happy for your child to participate then you do not need to do anything.

It is a good idea to talk to your child about the study and to see if they have any questions. They have also been given an Participant Information Flyer for students.

What if I do NOT want my child to participate in this study?

If you DO NOT want your child to participate you will need to sign the Withdrawal Form (PDF) [44 Kb] and return it to your child’s school before they scheduled date of completion. If you withdraw your child from the study they will not be given a questionnaire. They will be given another class-based activity to do instead.

What should I do if I have further questions about my child’s involvement in the study?

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s involvement in the project, you can contact the research team

What if my child is upset by any of the questions?

We do not expect that they will find the questions upsetting but if at any stage during the survey your child becomes upset the school will support your child to contact you, the school counsellor or Kids Helpline (1800 551 800) if that is what they want.

What if I have a complaint or any concerns about the research study?

If you have any complaints about any aspect of the project, the way it is being conducted, then you may contact the: Human Research Ethics Coordinate at UNSW on:

T: (02) 9385 6222


The project’s reference number is HC15832.