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Domestic violence also has an economic penalty In The Media - Posted on 29 November 2016

Australia's social safety net is not doing nearly enough to counter the economic harms of violence.

Repeated domestic violence causes financial hardship In The Media - Posted on 29 November 2016

New research shows how violence degrades a woman's financial status.

SPRC researcher awarded ARC Discovery Project grant Article - Posted on 29 November 2016

Associate Professor Bruce Bradbury has been awarded ARC Discovery Project for $200,000.

Why adult children stay at home In The Media - Posted on 28 November 2016

Stereotypes of a generation who won’t leave home overlooks many reasons adult family members cohabitate.

Understanding child neglect from an Aboriginal worldview Article - Posted on 21 November 2016

An SPRC research project assesses child protection issues faced by Aboriginal parents in a rural NSW community.

Why splitting housework is key to improving gender equality In The Media - Posted on 14 November 2016

Splitting housework tasks between genders may lead to better gender equality out of the home. 

Weekly boarding an answer to full-time work and parenting? In The Media - Posted on 13 November 2016

As private schools expand student residences to accommodate the flow of international students, Wesley College is tapping into another booming, albeit neglected market: busy, professional parents.

New study to explore forgotten veterans' hardship In The Media - Posted on 4 November 2016

UNSW and Uni of Adelaide will conduct research into homelessness in the veteran community.

The perils of means-testing paid parental leave In The Media - Posted on 3 November 2016

Payments going to new parents who have access to employer schemes are under scrutiny.

Parental leave 'double dipping' still on the table In The Media - Posted on 1 November 2016

Parents, have your proverbial crudités at the ready: paid parental leave (PPL) ‘double-dipping’ will probably remain.