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One in 10 Aussie kids care for a disabled or drug dependent person – they need help at school In The Media - Posted on 9 August 2019

A study by Myra Hamilton and Gerry Redmond has found children between the ages of 8 and 14 who take care of a family member with a drug addiction or mental illness aren't very happy at, and don't feel all that safe, at school.

On TV, heart attack victims are rich, white men clutching their hearts. Here's why that's a worry In The Media - Posted on 8 August 2019

Deborah Lupton explains why it's time characters on TV reflected not only women's experience of heart disease but those of men from diverse backgrounds if we want to prevent more people dying from heart disease.

Could decriminalisation solve Australia's ice problem? In The Media - Posted on 8 August 2019

Alison Ritter joins a conversation exploring whether treating ice addicts as criminals be doing more harm than the drug itself?

Voluntary super: a good way to increase women's dependence on men In The Media - Posted on 29 July 2019

Making super contributions voluntary for people earning less than A$50,000 a year would be a backward step for women.

SPRC to investigate engagement in early childhood education under ARC Linkage Project Article - Posted on 23 July 2019

Researchers from SPRC have been awarded $AUD399,000 in the latest round of Australian Research Council Linkage Projects to study engagement in early childhood education in the context of disadvantage.

Can we stop festival deaths? In The Media - Posted on 12 July 2019

Professor Alison Ritter discusses the importance of the NSW music festival inquest and why it has the potential to change the way Australia deals with drug use.

China Ages In The Media - Posted on 27 June 2019

How is China responding to its old age boom? 

UNSW links to a longstanding, cross-continent mentoring relationship around international drug policy In The Media - Posted on 26 June 2019 Professor Peter Reuter, who received the 2019 Stockholm Prize in Criminology this month, has been mentoring Professor Alison Ritter from UNSW’s Social Policy Research Centre for 20 years, since the early days of the Drug Policy Modelling Program.
Fact check: Do a quarter of impoverished people work full time? In The Media - Posted on 6 June 2019

Was Greens MP Adam Bandt correct when he tweeted that one in four people living in poverty work full time?

Young carers' futures look bleak without flexible school support In The Media - Posted on 28 May 2019

A UNSW and Flinders University survey identified hundreds of young Australians who are caring for family members with mental illnesses, alcohol and drug addictions.