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Fact check: Do a quarter of impoverished people work full time? In The Media - Posted on 6 June 2019

Was Greens MP Adam Bandt correct when he tweeted that one in four people living in poverty work full time?

Young carers' futures look bleak without flexible school support In The Media - Posted on 28 May 2019

A UNSW and Flinders University survey identified hundreds of young Australians who are caring for family members with mental illnesses, alcohol and drug addictions.

Who is looking out for young carers? In The Media - Posted on 28 May 2019

New research shows that young Australians providing care for family members with mental illnesses, alcohol and drug addictions are struggling to keep up with their studies.

It's not all gym junkies and 'roid rage' – people use steroids for a variety of reasons In The Media - Posted on 21 May 2019

When you think of steroid users, it's likely you picture a male in the gym with huge muscles. But all sorts of people use steroids for all sorts of reasons.

How can the NDIS be more effective? In The Media - Posted on 13 May 2019

The National Disability Insurance Scheme needs a lot more work for it to be truly inclusive, says Director Engagement of the UNSW Disability Innovation Institute, Rosemary Kayess.

Government 'too incompetent' for digital health In The Media - Posted on 8 May 2019

Mistrust of the government’s ability to manage large scale digital infrastructure projects is making people reluctant to sign up to programs like My Health Record, research has found.

Most poor people in the world are women. Australia is no exception In The Media - Posted on 7 May 2019

Women keep society ticking over then many retire into poverty because of the structured discrimination they face along the way.

Headspace is 'easy for politicians', but failing Australia's youth, experts say In The Media - Posted on 28 April 2019

After years of government investment in headspace, doctors, social workers and former clients are urging the Government to stop opening new clinics and consider the shortcomings of the model.

Do you plan your life around your fitness schedule? You could be addicted to exercise In The Media - Posted on 4 April 2019

We usually associate addiction with bad things like smoking, alcohol and gambling. But new research shows it's possible to be potentially dangerously addicted to exercise, too.

Arts & Social Sciences moves up the ranks in ERA 2018 report Article - Posted on 28 March 2019

Arts & Social Sciences received outstanding results in the 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia report.