Mr Zimin Tan

Postgraduate Research

Research Areas: Families & Communities, Chinese Social Policy

Research Topic: Establishing a suitable child protection system for China
Supervisor: Prof Ilan Katz
Co-Supervisor: A/Prof Xiaoyuan Shang

Zimin gained an LLB from Sichuan University, China, and was awarded his PhD at SPRC in 2018.

Research Summary

Zimin's research is focused on child abuse, mainly physical abuse, and the child protection system in China. The state intervention into families on child abuse issues and the cultural impact on the child protection system are discussed in his research.



Shang, X., Yu, J., Tan, Z., et al. (2013). Prioritizing children in Beijing development strategy: research on Beijing child welfare system development (Final report). Beijing: Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, China.

Conference presentations

Tan, Z. (2013). The transistioning of Chinese state/family power relationship from a child protection perspective. Paper presented at the 14th Australian Social Policy Conference, University of New South Wales, 16-18th September.

Tan, Z. (2013, October). Confucianism and Maoism in the Chinese child protection system. Paper presented at the Workshop on Child Maltreatment for postgraduate researchers at the Haruv Instute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.