Ms Qian Fang

Postgraduate Research

Research Areas: Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing, Families & Communities, Chinese Social Policy

Research Topic: China's NGO accountability analysis: child welfare NGOs
Supervisors: A/Prof Xiaoyuan Shang, Prof Peter Saunders

Research Summary

Compared with relative in-depth analysis about NGO accountability in the western world, bringing NGO accountability analysis into a primary stage of civil society like China is a less-explored area. Accordingly, this study tries to build a mechanism which is applicable for China’s NGOs in China’s specific social-political context. The research will mainly focus on tools of Economics and Management to give theoretical support and practical principles for China’s NGO accountability improvement. Implications from the research may not only be of use for China’s NGOs development at practical level, but they may also bring some useful contributions to current theories based on the western world.