Ms Axelle Marjolin

Postgraduate Research

Research Area: Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation

Research Topic: The implications of increasing marketisation in human services delivery for Australian charities and their clients
Supervisor: Dr Natasha Cortis

Additional supervisor: Dr Abigail Powell, Centre for Social Impact, UNSW

Co-Supervisor: Professor Kristy Muir, Centre for Social Impact, UNSW

Policy changes to the funding and delivery of human services over the last decade have changed Australia's social sector's landscape. The pressures to reach financial sustainability while delivering on mission mean not-for-profit organisations increasingly experiment with more market-like behaviours. However, such ventures often necessitate negotiating trade-offs between financial and social returns, which are not currently well understood.

This research will investigate the consequences of marketisation of human services in Australia on organisational operations, as well as the outcomes of the clients they serve. By investigating the interaction between financial sustainability and mission, the research aims to further the knowledge of previously under-explored risks to sector-sustainability and enhance the sector's ability to tackle social problems.

Axelle is a part of the Arts and Social Sciences HDR Student Committee as a representative from SPRC.