Ngoc Thuy Luu

Postgraduate Research

Research Areas: Care, Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing, Families & Communities

Research Topic: Impacts of parental migration on children left at home in three Northern provinces of Vietnam
Supervisor: Prof Ilan Katz
Co-Supervisor: Dr Myra Hamilton

Ngoc Thuy Luu gained her Masters degree in Development Studies from the University of Melbourne. Having been working in development sector for the last twelve years, she is currently undertaking her PhD at SPRC to deepen her knowledge and enrich her experience as well as research skills in the sector. Her research interests include migration, children well being, child protection, care, family and social inequities.

Research Summar

In Vietnam, migration is an important livelihood strategy for individuals and households and has been a common feature in poor provinces in Vietnam, resulting in 9% of children experiencing parental absence. However, few scholars have undertaken research to understand causal analysis on children's well-being and study that particularly focuses on Northern provinces is specifically scarce.

This PhD research will examine the actual impacts of parental migration on left-at-home children, focusing on children's education, health, social and emotional development. The study will contribute to filling in the gap of knowledge on impacts on parental migration on left-behind children, particularly in Vietnam and its three Northern provinces. Findings from this study will also help non-governmental organisations in Vietnam have a thorough understanding about the issues and thus to better address different relevant issues faced by children and their families.