Ms Jodie Kidd

Postgraduate Research

Research Area: Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing

Research Topic: Aboriginal young people's perspectives on healing
Supervisors: Dr BJ Newton, Prof Ilan Katz, A/Prof kylie valentine

Healing is generally understood as an individual, family, community, and national process of addressing the impacts and injustices of colonisation, often viewed through the lens of intergenerational or historical trauma. The Healing Foundation’s Youth Healing Forum Report (2017) highlighted that healing is important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. It also suggested that young people have their own unique healing needs, and that they want to be included in – and lead – conversations about healing. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, service providers, and community members also, often, raise the need for tailored healing programs for young people (e.g., Healing Foundation & Aboriginal Affairs, 2018; People Culture Environment & Our Generation Media, 2014).

The proposed study will explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people’s perspectives on healing, likely focusing on young people in urban areas. The study will also explore how young people’s perspectives relate to (and can inform) the ways that young people and their healing needs are understood within institutional policies and practice guidelines. In exploring these areas, the research aims to:

  • amplify the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people within policy and research on healing;
  • contribute to the development of healing and intergenerational trauma theories; and
  • inform how these concepts/theories are applied in policy and programs for Indigenous young people.