Dr Jie Wang

Postgraduate Research

Research Areas: Care, Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing, Chinese Social Policy

Research Topic: Does Chinese education for all round development boost social reproduction more than examination-oriented education?
Supervisors: Prof Ilan Katz, Prof Deborah Brennan

Jie Wang gained a BA and MA in Sociology from Nanjing University, China, and commenced his PhD at SPRC in 2013.

While at Nanjing University, Jie was Chief Editor of INSIGHT, a student academic journal supported by the School of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Nanjing University from October 2007 to June 2013. His research is focused on child welfare, education, social stratification and inequality, and family relationships. He is also interested in gender and sexuality, social movement, and European socialism. 

Research Summary

Along with economic reform, Chinese inequality has been increasing and education has been viewed as the great social equaliser. However, compared with EOE (exam-oriented education) the new EFAAD (education for all round development) policy seems to disadvantage lower-class families further because of more extracurricular time and more emphasis on non-academic talents and skills, which need more parental investment in children. This study aims to explore this issue through researching the effects of EFAAD on students’ status in school, which can be viewed as the early outcome of social reproduction. The research will use a mixed-method approach using quantitative data from the China Family Panel Studies (2010 & 2012). Policy implications may be focused on how to support lower-class families in EFAAD through comparative research with Western countries including Australia.


Journal articles

Wang, J., & Pei, B. (2012). Research on the affecting factors of participation in neighborhood election from the angle of actor-centered View. Journal of Nanjing Party Institute of CPC (2) (in Chinese).

Gao, S., & Wang, J. (2012). The building of the public space in the Commercial Square and the influence of middle class. Youth and Society (6) (in Chinese).

Conference papers and presentations

Wang, J. (2009). From Xiaoyi to Enqing: A case study of the change of the parent-child relationship in children’s interpretive framework based on 20 interviews with undergraduate and graduate gays of N university in East China. Paper presented at Chinese Sociological Association 19th Annual Conference, China: Xi'an.