Jan Idle

Postgraduate Research

Research Area: Families & Communities

Research Topic: Talking and Listening: experiences of primary school
Supervisors: Dr Jennifer Skattebol, A/Prof kylie valentine
Co-Supervisor: Prof Ilan Katz

Jan holds a BEd from WAIT (now Curtin University) and a Masters of Cultural Studies from UTS and is an APA recipient.

Research Summary

Jan is conducting research with young people aged 10-12 years from an inner city public school. These young people have taken part in research skills workshops and research interviews to investigate how they experience and understand community. Recognizing children as active participants in the research process, her thesis focus is on how to conduct research with children that listens and attends to the complexity of their ideas about community and how these might be understood. Her research interests include: methodologies for research with children, understanding and conceptualising community, the city, Australian studies and visual culture.