Current Students

Browse a list of current postgraduate research students at the Social Policy Research Centre.

Sallie-Anne Moad
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Learning to Live: Exploring the lived experience of lifelong learning for adults with intellectual disability
Research Areas:Disability, Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation
Bronwyn Newman
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Information about mental health for people with intellectual disability:impact on equality
Research Areas:Disability, Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing
Zimin Tan
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Establishing a suitable child protection system for China
Research Areas:Families & Communities, Chinese Social Policy
Cathy Thomson
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Carers and the costs of care in an ageing society
Research Area:Care
Cris Townley
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Community playgroups as a community of practice
Research Area:Families & Communities
Jie Wang
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Does Chinese education for all round development boost social reproduction more than examination-oriented education?
Research Areas:Care, Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing, Chinese Social Policy
Erin Whittle
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Access to mental health care: the double disadvantage of intellectual disability and gender
Research Areas:Disability, Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing
Ms Georgia van Toorn
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Neoliberalism and the politics of disability policy: mobilisations and mutations of individualised funding
Research Areas:Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation, Care, Disability