Current Students

Browse a list of current postgraduate research students at the Social Policy Research Centre.

Sherman Chan
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:A quantitative study of financial exclusion in Australia
Research Area:Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing
Peter Davidson
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Why some countries are more unemployed than others: a comparison of employment participation policies in four countries
Research Areas:Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation, Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing
Qian Fang
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:China's NGO accountability analysis: child welfare NGOs
Research Areas:Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing, Families & Communities, Chinese Social Policy
Jan Idle
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Talking and Listening: experiences of primary school
Research Area:Families & Communities
Valeriia Kasatkina
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Networks: From NGOs to Civil Society
Research Area:Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation
Quanchai Kerddaen
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Disability, Income Security and Social Protection: Exploring the livelihood experiences of visually impaired street musicians in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region
Research Areas:Disability, Policy Design, Impact & Evaluation
Deborah Lutz
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Friend or worker? Understanding relationships between people with intellectual disabilities and their support workers through Institutional Ethnography
Research Area:Disability
Sallie-Anne Moad
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Exploring lifelong learning experiences for adults with intellectual disabilities- focussing on the barriers to, and successes in, accessing adult learning
Research Area:Disability
Bronwyn Newman
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Information about mental health for people with intellectual disability:impact on equality
Research Areas:Disability, Measures of Social Inequality & Wellbeing
Zimin Tan
Postgraduate Research
Research Topic:Establishing a suitable child protection system for China
Research Areas:Families & Communities, Chinese Social Policy