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Emeritus Professor Bettina Cass

Emeritus Professor
Social Policy Research Centre


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245 Goodsell Building
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Fields: Social Policy



    Book Chapters

    • Brennan D;Cass B, 2014, 'Grandparents as primary carers of their grandchildren: Policy and Practice insights from research', in Hayes A; Higgins DJ (ed.), Families, Policy and the Law, Melbourne, pp. 109 - 118, http://www.aifs.gov.au/institute/pubs/fpl/fpl.pdf
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    • Cass B, 2005, '‘The Contested Politics of Paid Maternity Leave in Australia in a Transforming Family Policy Regime”', in Grimshaw P; Murphy J; Probert B (ed.), Double Shift: Working Mothers and Social Change in Australia, edn. Original, The Melbourne Publishing Group, Melbourne, pp. 201 - 224
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    Journal articles

    • Hamilton M;Cass B, 2017, 'Capturing the centrality of age and life-course stage in the provision of unpaid care', Journal of Sociology, vol. 53, pp. 79 - 93, http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/1440783315625117
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    • Hill T;Cass B;Newton BJ;valentine K, 2013, 'Indigenous carers', Social Policy Research Papers
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    • Smyth C;Blaxland M;Cass B, 2011, ''So that's how I found out I was a young carer and that I actually had been a carer most of my life'. Identifying and supporting hidden young carers', Journal of Youth Studies, vol. 14, pp. 145 - 160, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13676261.2010.506524
    • Smyth C;Cass B;Hill T, 2011, 'Children and young people as active agents in care-giving: agency and constraint', Children and Youth Services Review, vol. 33, pp. 509 - 514, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.childyouth.2010.05.009
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    Conference Papers

    • Smyth C;Cass B;Blaxland M, 2008, 'So that’s how I found out I was a young carer and that I actually had been a carer most of my life.’ Identifying and supporting hidden young carers', Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, Melbourne, Australia, presented at Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 01 - 01 July 2008


    Conference Presentations

    • Thomson C;Hill TL;Cass B, 2015, 'Carers and social inclusion in times of austerity', presented at Australian Social Policy Conference (ASPC), UNSW Australia, 28 - 30 September 2015
    • Hill TL;Cass B;Hamilton M;Thomson C, 2013, 'From Citizen Worker to Citizen Carer: Rethinking social investment policies to promote social inclusion and social justice for carers', presented at International Sociological Association Research Committee 19 Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 22 - 24 August 2013
    • Cass B;Brennan DJ;Thomson CM;Adamson E;Hill T;Purcal C;Hamilton M, 2011, 'Experiences of young carers and young adult carers: Life-course stage dimensions of caregiving and the implications for policy and practice’', presented at Carers NSW 2011 Biennial Conference, Sydney, 01 March 2011

Teaching and Supervision

HDR Supervision: Professor Bettina Cass is the coordinator of the Higher Research Degree program at the Centre, and has an extensive record of higher degree research student supervision. Professor Cass has recently and is currently supervising PhD students in the fields of family tax/benefit policies in Australia and the UK; grandchildren in kinship care arrangements in Aboriginal families; community care services for older people; retirement incomes policies in Australia and the UK; welfare reform: impacts on parents with children; disability policies in Australia and the USA; voluntary home visiting services for parents with young children; and a range of other topics in Australian and comparative social policy.

Professor Cass currently supervises: Tammy Burnstock, Angelica Hannan, Wendy Hermeston, Helen Hodgson, and Anne Wills.

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