Welcome to the Social Policy Research Centre. Since 1980, we have been a centre for innovative applied research concerned with the social policies which affect all our lives.

Our research is designed to be both academically rigorous and to be useful to those developing social policy and those using it.

In our work we focus on six main themes in social policy:

  • Care
  • Disability and mental health
  • Household, families and communities
  • Indigenous policy and participation
  • Inequality, poverty and social ex-/inclusion
  • Social policy administration and organisation
  • Social outcomes of environmental change

We are a multidisciplinary centre of more than 40 researchers who include economists, sociologists, political scientists, statisticians, experts in law, social work, child development, care, education, demography, psychology, econometrics, history, political economy, public health and disability.

This diversity allows us to research complex social issues and policies from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

On the basis of our research we seek to influence existing policies, to inform the development of new policies, and to identify good practice.

We offer an interesting and supportive culture to students wishing to undertake postgraduate study in social policy or to undertake an internship as part of ongoing academic study.